Flamesreach is the central location of the Old Terra campaign

Districts Edit

The Market District Edit

The Market District is one of the busier parts of Flamesreach. Located at the main entrance to the city, merchants and travelers flock to the Market District to buy and sell wares of all kinds.


  • Market Square
  • Catsco
  • Bucci's Leatherworks
  • Kriv’s Carvings
  • Harold and Marold’s
  • Pelaios’s Peculiarities

The Tavern District Edit

  • The Lying Lake
  • The Far Hawk Inn
  • The Warrior’s Return
  • Pelor’s Light Bakery and Tea Shop
  • The Wooden Salmon Pub

The Stone District Edit

  • Rorik’s Masonry
  • Nalaya’s Outfitter’s
  • The Mines
  • The Five Axes Tavern

The Forge District Edit

  • Weaponsmith/Armorsmith
  • Metallurgist
  • Jeweller
  • Stonecutter/mason

The Lake District Edit

  • Shipyard
  • Fishmongers
  • Houseboats

The Sword District Edit

  • Barracks
  • Training Fields
  • Armorer
  • Khurch of Kord
  • Military Academy

The Dirt District Edit

  • The Slums
  • Temple of Bahamut

The Shadow District Edit

  • Shady dealer
  • Fight club
  • Crazy Doctor

The Silk District Edit

  • Doctors Surgery
  • Temple/Faith Supplies
  • Highmaple Heights
  • Hall of the Gods
  • Bookstore
  • Flamesreach Academy

The Grove District Edit

  • Hill billies
  • Stables
  • Hart’s Orchard

The Firefall Guild Edit

  • Guild Hall
  • Guild Kitchen
  • Guild Quarters
  • Guild Office
  • Training Grounds

The Town Hall Edit

  • Conglomerate Meeting Hall