Dragoborn are a all (6-7ft) reptilian race of diverse beings. dragonborn first came over Da Vath from the Madlands and moved into Pluton, No one is absolutely certain when the dragonborn came about, but it is believed that the World Dragon created them as servants of the first dragons. Of course, now dragonborn and Dragons have very little relation aside from appearance. Dragonborn come in the same colors as dragons, generally taking on the traits of the dragon type they match. As per the way of Dragons, Metallic Dragonborn are described as primarily good, while Chromatic Dragonborn are primarily evil. Dragonborn also have the power of Breath Weapon commonly associated with dragons. Dragonborn are few and far between, mostly living in small tribes in between the mountains of Pluton. The only exception to this is Flamesreach, a rather large city-state founded by Dragonborn due to its placement in a crater rather similar to the craters in the madlands.

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